You do NOT need to niche 100% of your business

Nor do you need to have a stereotypical “ideal client”.

We are told we must choose a niche and paint a picture of our ideal client…

Maybe… annnnd maybe that’s bullsh*t

What works for one person, won’t necessarily work for you.

What your niche may actually look like:

  1. You work with SOME clients doing what you love and with some clients doing other stuff

  2. You support a solopreneur in ALL areas of their biz and eventually learn you LOVE a particular niche”

  3. You market your skills in an area of expertise but are OPEN to other services.

  4. You do LOVE your chosen niche (perhaps it’s a skill you brought over from you 9-5)  and focus on offering just those services to your clients!

What your “ideal client” may actually look like:

  1. A US-based, female, nutritionist who focuses on balancing hormones via a raw food diet. She’s in her 30s, loves horseback riding, and yoga

  2. The next damn person who will help you leave your 9-5.

What you need is


During this 3-day BootCamp, we will be taking action to determine what “niche” and “ideal client” mean for YOUR business.

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