Learn The Exact Skills You Need To Confidently Become A Freelancing Online Service Provider


✨ Earn extra income
✨ Quit your 9-5 
✨ Start working for yourself

Are you ready to start making money online while working from home (or the beaches of belize)?

If you know deep down there is “another way,” something more, or that you’re meant to be your own boss…

then the next question is

how to get started.

How to set up an online business

So you know how to file taxes, invoice your clients like a pro, and set up the proper banking and registration!

how to find dream clients

So you are onboarding dream clients who pay you well, respect your boundaries, and love the work you do!

skills & marketing strategy

So you know how to offer an array of services and continue to market your business and make more $$$! 

So, what is an Online Service Provider?

An Online Service Provider (OSP) provides remote/virtual/online support to other businesses as an independent contractor.

I sometimes also refer to OSPs as Virtual Assistants or Freelancers, depending on the business.

Independent contractors work for themselves meaning they determine their own schedule and rate of pay! They also file their own taxes and provide their own supplies and tools. They have clients, not bosses.

There is a HUGE array of services that an Online Service Provider can… provide. These include:

📌 Executive Administration such as inbox management, scheduling, travel booking, customer support, etc.

📌 Design such as graphic creation, logo design, video editing, etc

📌 Marketing such as posting & engaging on social media, emailing out newsletters, follower growth, sales, etc

📌 Tech support such as website updating and building, software troubleshooting, systems management, etc.

📌 And everything in between!!! There are so many needs that an Online Service Provider can fulfill

The WVA ACademy is for the 9-5er, the stay-at-home-mom, or aspiring digital nomad who wants to work for themselves, make extra income, and be completely location & Schedule independent

You know there is a way to make money while working online (in fact, you’ve probably tried a few other avenues like Etsy or blogging), and you’re eager to get started and free yourself.

You’ve downloaded a million free guides, have been inundated by resources that only make you more confused, and have totally missed your initial deadline of when you wanted to have gotten started. 

You're so ready to go!

By building your Online Service Biz through the WVA Academy, you will...

Say goodbye to...

❌ Wanting to quit your job every time you walk in the door. 

❌ Pinching pennies and going without because your household needs more income.

❌ Traveling on busy weekends and managing PTO when everyone else in the 9-5 world is doing the same

❌ Sitting in traffic and wasting precious time commuting to work

❌ Being told what to do by a boss when you know you were always meant to work for yourself

Say Hello To...

✅ Loving your business and new lifestyle! 

✅ Making more money, replacing your income, and raising your rates multiple times a year!

✅ Traveling whenever you want for however long you want while fulfilling all your work online!

✅ Commuting from your bed to your couch (or home office), always being home when you need to be!

✅ Working for yourself, determining your own schedule, and choosing dream clients to work with!

This is why a how-to course is for you

Every second you waste not knowing how to build your online service business is a second you could be closer to your goal of achieving location independence and financial freedom.

Because you have a DEEP KNOWING that you weren’t meant to work for a boss in some stuffy office, clocking in and out. You feel trapped. 

Learn exactly HOW to start an Online Service Provider business

HOW to find dream clients who pay well

WHAT skills you need and HOW to market your services

Everything you need, all in one place.

digital nomad skiing


Waking up whenever you want. No panic because you’re running late. No sprinting to the shower. No skipping breakfast.

Instead, you feel calm, grateful, and empowered.

Depending on the weather and where you are in the world, you go out exploring or head to yoga class.

When you get home, you sit down at your desk to begin client work. It’s 10am.

I get it. 

You’re working a job, balancing family, and packing your calendar with social events.

When will you ALSO have time to build an online business, find clients, and provide online service???!

I was the same, but with a course and a coach I was able to streamline the process, make a plan, and start my business plus quit my job in only 3 months.

Here’s what I think:

You have this one life. It’s time

You felt alive.

Generating income as an online service provider is not too-good-to-be-true.

Check out these wins from past students!


The WVA Academy

Everything you need in order to learn the skills, start your online service business, find clients, and market yourself!

The moment you join, you'll have access to 20 HOURS OF video trainings, over 35 worksheets, AN ONLINE COMMUNITY TO RECEIVE COACHING, and all the incredible bonuses that will have you working online in no time

4 step-by-step courses
Community and coaching

✅ Loving your business and new lifestyle! 

✅ Making more money, replacing your income, and raising your rates multiple times a year!

✅ Traveling whenever you want for however long you want while fulfilling all your work online!

✅ Commuting from your bed to your couch (or home office), always being home when you need to be!

✅ Working for yourself, determining your own schedule, and choosing dream clients to work with!

What You will learn


📈 Business banking and registration!

📈 How to track your time with reports, invoice clients, and ensuring you get paid!

📈 TAXES! Understanding taxes as a business owner!

📈 Build your freelance profile and skip needing a website!

📈 Map our your different packages and choose their pricing!

📈 Formalize an agreement to send at the start of every client relationship! 

how to find dream clients!

💰 Where to find clients within your network, social media, the newest apps, and through referrals! 

💰 Where to AVOID! Steer clear of these traps! 

💰 How to conduct an interview and discovery call to impress your potential clients! 

💰 How to onboard new clients, lead a kick-off call, and nail those first projects!

💰 Plus, my #1 trick for landing high-calibre clients!

next-level service provider!

⭐️ How to choose your ideal client and target them directly!

⭐️ How to identify your niche (if applicable to you) and market your expertise!

⭐️ How to raise your rates every few months so you’re always making more money!

⭐️ How to terminate a contract and/or ask for testimonials!

Service skills training

⚙️ Learn the admin skills and protocol for Executive Virtual Assisting!

⚙️ All the tools and understanding you need to help manage your clients’ social media!

⚙️ Dive deep into the world of email marketing and understand exactly how it works!

⚙️ Hone your design skills so you can start creating graphics today! 

Copy of CatyandTeam0204 (1)

Plus, join the sisterhood

Meet friends in our online community, ask questions, find job opportunities, and receive direct coaching! 

Includes amazing Bonuses!


Scripts to use verbatim

Use these EXACT scripts for:

✅ Reaching out to potential clients
✅ Leading an onboarding call
✅ Onboarding your new client
✅ Raising your rates
✅ Asking for testimonials
✅ Terminating a contract
✅ and more!

REvenue + Expense Tracker

I give you the EXACT revenue and expense tracking sheet that I use to make sure my business is making a profit! 

Plus a 30-minute how-to-use video! 

Mindset & Growth Tools

Jumping into business can have you feeling like a fish out of water. 

Sticking to it and making it through the inevitable ups and downs requires an entrepreneurial mindset! 

Start shifting your mindset into one of business perseverence!

stop trying to figure it out on your own and start seeing results like these 

Picture your new life

You wrap up your client work for the day, meet up with friends, and start planning your next trip! 

No longer restricted by vacation days, you start looking for flights to Bali… Spain… Australia. You’ll be making money while you are there so you look for Air BnBs for one month… two… half a year.

You shake your head…

Wow, you can’t believe that only a few months ago you were miserable commuting to a job you hated and you had the courage to make a change.

You’re proud of the online service business you built and being able to support yourself doing something you actually love.

This is what can happen when you join the wva academy

–> You will FINALLY start building your freelance business with easy-to-follow steps!

–>  You will FINALLY start bringing in money that can go towards debt, housing, or travel!

–> You will FINALLY be able to walk away from the 9-5 world that doesn’t align with you!

–> You will FINALLY have the freedom to work from wherever, set your own schedule, and determine your income!

–> You will FINALLY have the opportunity to become a digital nomad, pursue van life dreams, and travel the world!

With the academy membership you can build your biz as quickly or as timely as you need, from anywhere in the world.

and start seeing results like this

Is the WVA Academy for you?

This is perfect for you if...

  • Office admin
  • Graphic design
  • Marketing / digital marketing
  • Social media management
  • Event planning
  • Project management
  • Executive assistant
  • Personal assistant

You know what Online Service Providers are, but you're new to entrepreneurship and online business

You have experience in any of the following:

  • Office admin
  • Graphic design
  • Marketing / digital marketing
  • Social media management
  • Event planning
  • Project management
  • Executive assistance
  • Personal assistance
  • and more!

You’ve done another course or two and still have no clients

You have always valued guidance to reach your goals at an accelerated rate

You have one client but don’t really know what you’re doing or how to find more

You’re itching to work from wherever but just don’t know where to start

You’ve tried Googling and researching in FB groups about online freelance work, but it’s so overwhelming and you feel like you still have no idea where to actually START

You want to learn the skills that biz owners are actually looking to hire for—no fluff or extra “fancy” tools just because it feels cool

You are READY to feel qualified, confident, and prepared to work from wherever and travel the world

This is NOT for you if...

You're bad with computers

You're not prepared to work hard for your dreams

You want to make passive income

You’re not willing to follow advice from those who have done this before in order to really put yourself out there in a BIG way

You’re not willing to sacrifice some of your free time to bring this dream to life

You’re desperate for money RIGHT NOW… building a freelance biz takes time

You don’t have a laptop/computer or reliable WiFi

You want to do this alone and for free

Hi! I'm Rebecca!

Your gateway to life outside of the 9-5!

Types of Offers!

Choose individual programs or bundle to save!


A low risk place to explore new topics and pull back the curtain on what it is really like to own an online business.


A place for action takers who want quick and focused wins!

The Bundle

A coaching container for those ready to take radical action to transform and grow their online business.

Ok, let's recap

Each course is uniquely tailored to help you build a stable biz as an online service provider and independent freelancer!!!

Take a TOUR!

The Wanderlust VA Academy

The academy includes every step of building your Online Service Provider business!  This is best for students who thrive with step-by-step guidance from start to finish and are ready to go all in! 

More love from my incredible students!

The WVA Academy



Mini-Courses are each designed to give you a specific tool to help build your business.

Create Your VA Profile
Business Mindset 101
Email Marketing Magic
Social Media Assistance

More Questions?




And say hello to the
✨ rest of my life! ✨ 

All prices in USD

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