Work From Home as an Online Service Provider

I spent FOUR years searching for ways to work from home… but I didn’t have any tech experience nor a degree in computer coding. All I knew is that the constraints of an office job were NOT for me.

Every day was the same. I was hooked on coffee to wake me up, I was hooked on exercise to calm me down, and every evening was spent disconnecting in front of the TV. My weekends were crammed between running errands and hanging out with friends. My head would hit the pillow Sunday night EXHAUSTED…

My week before working from home...

Monday: My alarm goes off in the morning and I don’t want to get out of bed

Tuesday: I hit snooze, sleep in, and don’t have time for breakfast 

Wednesday: The commute to work is a blur of the same traffic, the same radio shows, and the same streets

Thursday: I walk into the office and head straight to the coffee machine because I still don’t feel awake

Friday: I sit down at my desk praying my boss will be in a good mood today so, I don’t end up in tears. 


When my desperate “how to work from home” / “remote work” / “online side hustle” Google searches finally brought me to Virtual Assisting, I could have screamed!

I didn’t need tech experience, I didn’t need graphic design portfolios, and I didn’t even need to have a website! After 4 years of searching, my plans suddenly fell very quickly into place and I started my virtual assistant business. 

It is important to start your Online Service Provider (in my case, VA) business right the FIRST time so you’re not breaking any rules, mismanaging money, or working for less than you should.

Before you start your Online Service Provider t biz you should know how to:

⭐️ Track your business revenue so you know how much money you’re making

⭐️ Calculate your business expenses so you can submit them during tax time

⭐️ Set aside the correct amount of money to pay your taxes

⭐️ Open your bank accounts and connect them to your payment processor

⭐️ Know when you should register your biz and open an LLC 

⭐️ Set competitive prices and create a variety of service packages for clients to choose from

⭐️ Have an agreement to send clients that clearly defines that contract 

⭐️ Define clear boundaries so you feel empowered in your business

Setting up the back end of your Online Service Provider business properly the first time will save you a lot of financial grief down the road. Plus, having an organized system for onboarding new clients will ensure you are working with clients who value and respect your business. 

What exactly IS an Online Service Providers and why don’t you have to be tech savvy to start? 

An Online Service Provider is a remote freelancer who provides online services and support for entrepreneurs and/or small business owners. They are online contractors who work from anywhere, on their own schedule, and with clients of their choosing. 

Online Service Provider is a broad term for a reason. We can support clients in all areas of business: design, admin, tech, marketing!

Our #1 job is to take tasks off our client’s plate so that he/she can repurpose that valuable time BACK into growing their business.

An example I always use is “the Baker.”

The Baker is good at baking cookies, creating recipe books, and selling cookies… 

However, there are aspects of business that must also be handled (admin, tech marketing, etc.) If the Baker spends too much time on the non-cookie tasks, then their business can’t grow. 

That’s where Online Service Providers come in!

We support with the back office so the baker can keep creating recipes, selling cookies, and designing cookbooks.

If the Baker spends all his/her time going through emails, managing social media, or adjusting the website, the business will never grow!

OSPs don’t have to be experts at business (they don’t even have to better than their clients), they just need to DO the task so the Baker doesn’t have to.

Make sense? 

Working remotely from home is NOT just for website designers and app developers. Check out these ladies who took the leap, started their Online Service Provider businesses, and never stepped foot in an office again! 

Learn exactly how they did it by checking out our Alumni Stories!

Ready to start working from home and launch your  Online Service Provider biz?

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