What Exactly is an Online Service Provider?


An Online Service Provider is a freelancer who provides online services and support for entrepreneurs and/or small business owners from a remote location.
Titles that fall under this umbrella term could be: Virtual Assistant, freelance designer, Social Media Manager, etc. 

Clients can be small business owners, solopreneurs, e-commerce shop owners coaches (life, business, fitness, etc). Basically anyone who runs a business and could use some support to keep their business, and ultimately LIFE, running smoothly. 😉


The four main areas you can offer Online Service Provider support to your clients in are:

1. General Admin
2. Social Media Management
3. Design Creation
4. Technical Support

Let’s take a look at what each of these entails…



This category mostly covers the the tasks of a Virtual Assistant (VA), what most people think of when they think “assistant.” Tasks can range from:

  • Email Management
  • Appointment & Podcast Scheduling
  • Booking Travel
  • Personal Tasks
  • Support Email/Customer Service
  • Sending Contracts/Invoices To Their Customers
  • Project Management
  • And More…



Almost every single entrepreneur you work with will have a social media presence that they want to build or need to maintain. Tasks can range from:

  • Scheduling Posts on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, etc.
  • Creating Content For Posts On Social Media Platforms
  • Creating Content & Editing For Blogs
  • Facebook Group Management
  • Responding To FB/IG Messages
  • Responding to FB/IG Comments



This is one of those skills that you either have or you don’t, and you typically know where you fall 😉 Do you have an eye for design? Tasks can range from:

  • Branding Basics
  • Simple Graphics For Social Media
  • Create Landing Pages
  • Design Lead Magnets & PDFs
  • Logo Creation
  • Website Design
  • Powerpoint Design
  • And Everything Visual…



Once again, evvvveryone has tech and needs help managing it so that things run smoothly 🙂 If you like puzzles, this one’s for you! Tasks can range from:

  • Setting Up Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Creating & Connecting Landing Pages
  • Website Management
  • Website Creation
  • Webinar Setup
  • Blog Management
  • Podcast Editing & Uploading
  • Marketing Funnels
  • Online Course Setup
You can choose to focus on only one of these areas, or you can be open to doing all four.

One isn’t better over the other, it’s solely is based upon what you want to do, where your strengths lie and how you choose to serve your clients?

Just keep in mind… the more you know, the more you can charge.

So if you know A LOT about social media management, you can focus and hone in on mastering that skill and charge a higher rate.

And on the flip side, if you have experience in (or are willing to learn) multiple softwares and systems in all FOUR of the areas above, you can also charge a higher rate. 

(Generally speaking, an entrepreneur/solopreneur would rather hire one new contractor as opposed to four.)

Either route you choose, your daily tasks are just that… CHOSEN by you.

After working with my first client’s start-up for only a couple months doing some personal admin, client interfacing, email management, and some tech… I naturally started to understand all areas of the business.

And then, he started to regularly fly me to California (where he lived) for quarterly meetings because I had a valuable finger on the pulse of the entire business.


For a girl who looooves to travel… this was a dream client come true.


Are you curious what the day-to-day looks like as an Online Service Provider?

This is (obviously) a big factor in deciding if it’s the right path for you.

The good news?

You get to design your day-to-day!

Life as an Online Service Provider is truly what you create it to be and each day can look very different from the day before.

Let’s say you decide to work on Client #1’s new blog in the morning. As you begin typing away at the keyboard, you realize you’re missing some vital information. 

NO PROB, you send an email to Client #1 to address this, and begin uploading Client #2’s recent podcast as you wait to hear back from Client #1.

After a few hours, you even decide to take a break and go for a walk with your sweet pup. The point being is *you* get to choose which tasks you specialize in and offer and how your day looks.

Trust me, you will not be bored from performing mundane tasks over and over again. 😉

And the best part? 

Being in charge of your schedule.

Go to that yoga morning class you’ve always wanted to go to, schedule the lunch dates with your friends, and all the other important events you don’t want to miss. No more missing out on LIFE. In this worldthere’s no saving up for PTO or having to ask permission. 

You rule the day. ✨


When you’re first starting out as an Online Service Provider, it’s common to find entrepreneurs who are looking for someone to take over just a few tasks in the beginning. This can change over time as they start to delegate more work over to you. 

But in the very beginning, these tasks may only account for a (~2-5) hours of work a week. 

Yeah, probably not gonna pay the bills. 😬

In order to create a more steady income for yourself, you are naturally going to need more than one client to create CONSISTENCY.

Entrepreneurs also work on a completely different timeline, so don’t be surprised to see your workload fluctuate week to week. Maybe one month you’re racking up hours from helping your client with an important project and the next month, they have way less for you to do. 

Relieve some of that pressure by having multiple streams of income and supporting a few clients (probably 3-5) at the same time rather than relying on just one person for your sole income. 

Multiple clients = Multiple streams of income = WINNING.


Yup—anywhere with decent WiFi 🙂 

Whether you choose for that to be in your comfiest set of PJ’s snuggled up at home or in a cute, trendy co-working cafe on the other side of the world. It’s YOUR call. As long as you are giving your clients the results they are looking for, they could care less where you are working from. Which means work from wherever!! If you’re a wanderlust babe like me, let me introduce you to a few people that have taken their Online Service Provider businesses across the globe.


Meet Maggie

“The [WVA] Program has helped not only build my skill set, but also my mindset. Before I was afraid, thinking that the timing had to be perfect, that I had to know everything and be an expert before taking that leap — but the coaches showed me that taking the leap was the first step to my journey. Using the skill set I already had working in my 9-5, they helped to tailor my profile to find the perfect unicorn clients. Not only did I make my money back from the program, but I’m also well on my way to the remote life I’ve always dreamed of!”

Meet Madeline

“Before joining the [WVA] Program, I wanted so desperately to change my life but didn’t know how. I felt stuck. Not only did I get my first 3 clients in the group and start the process of becoming an entrepreneur (which I’ve ALWAYS dreamed of), but also on a much deeper level the coaches helped me change my mindset and self image, which is something I will always carry with me moving forward. Now I know that I am capable of anything and I feel so empowered to keep making huge strides and positive changes in my life.”


So let’s talk. 

These women stood exactly where you are. 

Aching for more, craving freedom, and knowing they could translate their skill sets to create a biz for themselves and serve others.

If you’re ready to take the leap into a new adventure as an Online Service Provider and NEVER look back on the boring life that might have been, I have just the thing for you… 

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