Mini Course

Stop building a website

& Create Your Freelancer Profile

Do you believe you need a website for your Freelance business? 

Are you pulling your hair out trying to build a website that looks good?

Are other mentors telling you that you need: a portfolio, testimonials, and social media content before you get started? 

Do you hear all of this and it’s actually what is STOPPING you from getting started and finding clients? 

Here is the truth: all you need is a “Freelancer Profile” and you can create it tonight.

I have helped countless women become freelancers without a website! 

In fact, many women who joined My business Programs ended up DELETING their websites because they realized it was actually HURTING their business… 

Hold on! 

Did I just say your website might HURT your business?.. 




It will take you a long time to create and a lot of people use this as an excuse to put off getting started… “Well my website isn’t done so I can’t start applying yet.”

NOPE. We’re not in the business of finding problems, we’re in the business of creating solutions and taking ACTION.


A website is a powerful marketing piece to attract and repel your ideal clients when used appropriately. But at this stage of your business (the *very* beginning) you have no idea who your ideal client may be. You don’t know what they want, what they need, how they speak, anything So any website copy you write at this point could be highly ineffective.


To be blunt – it probably won’t look good and therefore, it won’t make a good first impression. Unless you have a lot of experience creating websites, your first few design/website pieces are going to be a bit sloppy – it’s something that takes a lot of practice and time to get decent at! If your website is going to represent you as a freelancer, then we don’t want your website to look unimpressive and cheap. 

What can you use instead?


Your freelancer profile is like a new-age resume with personality! It will be your potential clients’ one-stop-shop PDF that will answer many of the questions your clients will have about what you can do for them. It’s “kind of” like a resume in terms of layout, but way less boring.

Instead of an ugly, dry resume or LinkedIn profile, this is your eye-catching, client attracting FREELANCER PROFILE. 

This profile will be the easiest way to showcase EVERYTHING your potential clients are looking for, plus it will save you time, money, and a whole lot of your precious energy.

** Hint: Energy that we should be directing at landing you clients and making $$ 

Because that’s what you want right? 




For less than the cost of lunch, this mini-course is designed to help you get out of your own way and actually get your freelance business off the ground! 

In this quick 3 part mini-course, I show you how to create your freelancer profile overnight and skip the frustrations of building a website! 

PLUS you will receive video feedback from ME! 


For only $9.97! 

Trust me. You do NOT need free testimonials, a portfolio, or a multi-page website to get started (and I get so annoyed when I read other coaches say otherwise)!

All you need is your freelancer profile.


An Intro:

Why classic “resumes” are a thing of the past and what online businesses ACTUALLY care about!

The Design:

How your profile should look to highlight your fun personality and what free program you can use to get started! 

Your Tool Belt:

How your past work experience can help you find unicorn clients! 

Dos + Don’ts:

How much information is too much information and what isn’t enough!

Video Tutorial:

A step-by-step video on how to create the perfect, website replacing freelancer profile!

PLUS Professional Feedback!

Receive video feedback from ME exclusive to those who choose this mini-course! 

I will make sure your freelancer profile is PERFECT and represents you in both skills and personality! 

Remember, freelancing is about finding clients who love you for YOU! All your quirks, all your passions, all your awesomeness!


ONLY $9.97!

(Your 9-5 commute literally costs more than that in gas)

Woohoo!! Are you ready to kick a website to the curb and JUST GET STARTED?

I talk to hundreds of women who want to start freelance businesses and I always hear,

“I’ll get started after I build my website…”


I want you to remove unnecessary obstacles, nip those excuses in the bud, and start making MONEY! 

Lack of a website is the #1 “cock block” for getting started. 

Learn how to make the perfect freelancer profile so you can find your unicorn clients, unlock your freedom, and start making $$ from anywhere in the world!

ONLY $9.97!

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