The Code

The Wanderlust Virtual Assistant Community CODE


So happy to have you as part of The Wanderlust Virtual Assistant Community 🙂

At its core, this group is a COMMUNITY for millennial women who are (or aspiring to be) virtual assistants so they can work from wherever & create more freedom in their lives.

This is a place to receive support, connection, and resources to get your virtual assistant biz up and running.

You’ll have access to free LIVE trainings, inspiration to take action on your dreams, and clear action steps to making this dream a reality!

You're In The RIGHT Place If...

  • You’re sick and tired of your current 9-5 / work situation. You’re not fulfilled; you’re not being challenged; and you feel like you’re trapped with no way out.

  • You want to travel the world, but don’t know how it’s possible to do that + make money.

  • You’ve thought about working from home/online, but aren’t sure where the best place to start is.

  • You don’t want to settle for the traditional bullshit career path that most of society goes along with (working your ass off all year so you can take 1 week of vacation… #nothankyou).

  • You KNOW you can make it as a VA, you just want more support and guidance along the way.

  • You’ve heard of a VA but aren’t 100% sure what that entails, and you want to learn everything about it because it sounds perfect for you.

  • You’re already a VA but love networking and improving your craft. Can include:

    • General Virtual Assistants

    • Graphic Designers

    • Social Media Managers

    • Online Business Managers

    • Digital Marketers

    • Copywriters

    • Website Designers

You're In The WRONG Place If...

  • You’re looking to hire a virtual assistant (this is not a job board).
  • You have a product-based business.
  • You’re a coach (business coach, fitness coach, etc.).
  • You have a brick-and-mortar business.
  • You’re an affiliate marketer.
  • You’re in an MLM (multi-level marketing).

Just for you

In addition to the community, we’ve also created a step-by-step guide to help you find your very first virtual assistant client!

You’ll get the EXACT steps we used to get our first clients, PLUS the same strategies we teach our private students.

Click below to Kickstart your VA journey

Not Allowed:

1. No Self-Promo Or Selling

If there’s a link you want to post but are unsure of, post a screenshot of it instead!

Stuff not allowed includes:

  • Private PMing without permission

  • Making a post that you can help people with [blank] and have room for a few more clients. We’re all looking for clients here 😉

  • Offering free calls

  • Posting affiliate links

  • Making posts related in any way to an MLM

  • Selling your personal items

  • Posting a link to your opt in (unless permission granted by admin)

2. No Link Sharing Threads

Meaning “Post your IG handle below so we can all support each other.” Too many of these makes the group spammy and not value-packed.

3. No Videos Or Facebook Lives

Exception = if permission granted by admin

4. No Creating Or Uploading New Documents/Files Into The Group

Only admins can do this, no exceptions 😉 If you’re looking for feedback on something, post a screenshot of it instead!

The Code

1. I promise to participate.

  • Don’t be a lurker 😉 we genuinely want to know you!

  • Introduce yourself

  • Contribute

  • Give feedback (kindly)

  • Ask for support

  • Celebrate your wins

2. I promise not to be a jerk.

We’re all humans here 🙂 let’s treat each other like the love muffins we are.

3. I promise to keep posts on topic.

This isn’t the place to share about your favorite TV show or what you had for dinner. Topics include, but aren’t limited to: 

  • Anything related to online biz

  • Travel/adventure/nature

  • Working from home

  • Money & money manifesting

  • Law of attraction (relating to biz)

  • Self-confidence (relating to biz)

4. I promise to keep an open mind and be willing to receive honest feedback from Caty and others in the group.

As they say “If you want something different, you have to do something different.” If you’re stuck in your ways and refuse to try something new, you’re holding yourself back.

5. I promise to have FUN and bring the light.

It’s easy to get caught up in the seriousness and stresses of starting a new business. But rememberthis is an EXCITING time in your life and you deserve to enjoy it! You can hustle and bring positivity at the same time 🙂


Now What?

Go introduce yourself!

Go introduce yourself (here)! Include a photo (either of you or your pet!), a bit of your story, and what your BIG EXCITING ultimate goal is with becoming a digital entrepreneur 🙂

Talk soon!



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