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Meet Savannah! A Laptop Freedom Program Student!

Today we are chatting with a Laptop Freedom Program student, Savannah Haggard to chat about her journey, what inspired her to be a VA, and so much more!

Q: Let’s start with the BIG question: Why did you want to start a Virtual Assistant business?

A: I’ve always felt drawn to entrepreneurial world of having my own business and being my own boss. My problem was that I didn’t know what services to offer and if my skill set would be enough to accommodate that dream.

Q: What kind of “9-5” job do you have and has it helped with your VA biz?

A: I currently do not have a 9-5, however, I was a hairstylist before diving into the virtual assistant world. The job specifically does not correlate to what I’m doing but my creativity from that experience has transferred over into my VA biz.

Q: Is your goal to be a full-time VA or have a VA side-hustle? Why?

A: My goal is to be a full time VA that’s fully booked out with clients I’ll have long term. I would feel more accomplished knowing that my business is booming and I have the availability to put all of my focus and energy into it. 

Q: How did you discover the Laptop Freedom Program?

A: It all started with a TikTok video from Jessica Hawks. She shared her story and spoke about what a VA does. That began my journey down the rabbit hole of being a Virtual Assistant. I ended up in Pinterest trying to find more info about what they do and I came across a pin from Rebecca. After checking out her website and feeling her vibe out, I decided I like it and filled out the application. We emailed from there and I began joining Wanderlust VA group and learning about Laptop Freedom Program.

Q: What inspired you to enroll in the program?

A: I had been in contact with Rebecca about my interest and concerns of joining and she responded with such patients and support by showing me interview videos of other students along with sharing her personal story. I was going through a lot of life changes but decided it’s now or never!

Q: What is your favorite part of the Laptop Freedom Program so far?

A: The support of the ladies!! I can do the work all day long, but without the love from the community, I would have given up a long time ago.

Q: What made you choose the Laptop Freedom Program over other VA programs?

A: I overthink all of my options to begin with, so when I felt energetically connected with Rebecca, I had no reason to look elsewhere. She provides the training, mentoring, adding you to fb groups/pages to connect with others, she creates challenges to push you further along, and seeing how everyone in the WVA community were already so helpful, I knew Laptop Freedom Program was gonna be no different, except with lots more love, accountability, and support from ladies that you grow close to. How can it get better than that?!

Q: Starting a VA business can feel scary, what helps you keep going?

A: Knowing yourself first will help tremendously. I rely on my body’s response to what I’m experiencing and I give myself permission to do what needs to be done. Knowing I have the ability to rearrange my space how I want in order to function properly helps me. Knowing that the ladies in the groups, my personal circle, and family are all there to cheer me on as I go through this journey.

Q: What has been the most challenging part of starting your VA biz?

A: Haha! All of it! Easing into and getting set up isn’t hard. My biggest challenges have been more like understanding all of the many life transitions I’m experiencing and finding ways to keep myself personally and professionally organized. It’s hard to plan ahead without all of the necessary information that isn’t available to you yet.

Q: Between your VA biz, your 9-5, and the program, what does a day-in-the-life look like for you?

A: I don’t have a 9-5 so that helps so much with having flexibility. I have my VA biz, my one client, my clarity coach, and the program to juggle all while trying to find more clients in between. My typical day is waking up around 7-8:30am (cst), taking my vitamins and my dog out for his morning walk. Afterwards, I like to change and do some kind of exercise and play with my dog, Sammy. Then shower, clean up, eat breakfast, and begin my day around 11-12pm. I’ll usually spend all day doing numerous tasks and projects for my clients, coach, or the program , depending on what all needs to be done. In the evening time around 6-8pm is when I’ll feel good to log off for the day. I’ve usually eaten dinner around that time as well, if not, earlier. After the day, I’ll relax by watching a show, doing a hobby project, or spending quality time with my boyfriend.

Q: What are your future plans for your Virtual Assistant business?

A: My future plans are to become fully booked out for a good 6months in advance. I’d like to look into being an OBM!

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