Resources To Start Your Virtual Assistant Biz


How to Start A Virtual Business

How to start AND run a business:

It is important to start your VA business right the FIRST time so you’re not breaking any rules, mismanaging money, or working for less than you should.

Before you start your Virtual Assistant biz you should know how to:

1. Track your Business Revenue and Expenses 

Keeping up with your Revenue and Expenses is crucial as a business owner. Not only do you need all of this information come tax time, but it also helps you monitor and keep track of how your business is growing.

A simple Google Sheet will do the trick!

All of my Laptop Freedom Program students get access to a template of exactly how I track my Virtual Assistant revenue and expenses. This takes the guess work out of the tracking and allows them to get started on finding clients!

2. Set aside the correct amount of money to pay your taxes

As a business owner YOU are responsible for your own taxes. While it may seem intimidating, it is not as difficult as it sounds. Watch my free training on navigating taxes as a Virtual Assistant.

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3. Get Paid

Duh . . .

The whole reason you are starting a business in the first place is to make money.  If you don’t have paying clients than you don’t have a business. 

You do NOT need to work for free!

Testimonials do NOT equal money. Your work, even at the start, is valuable, worth getting paid for…

AND it’s worth great reviews!

Do you need help finding that first Virtual Assistant Client?

Download this free guide for PRACTICAL advice on getting your first client ASAP (without the headache and confusion of trying to do 50 new things at once). Your first client could be just around the corner!

4. Register your biz and open an LLC

Make your business official! Check with your local area to see what actions you need to take to make it legal. This task can seem daunting, but it is usually quite easy. 

So utilize Google and check this off your to do list!

5. Set competitive prices and create a variety of VA packages for clients to choose from

There are 4 common package types:


The VA tracks the hours he/she has worked and submits an invoice (normally every 2 weeks)

X-hour package

A client pays upfront for a certain number of hours and knows that the VA will not go over that amount (no surprise invoices)

Per project package

A VA has a project “menu” per se with set prices (a logo is a good example)


Client pays the same amount upfront each month (half now and half in 2 weeks usually) and the VA normally hits a consistent number of hours (this is great for long-term relationships and recurring tasks)


Remember, setting prices and telling others what you are worth can feel very foreign at first! With practice and confidence, you will get more and more comfortable stepping into your boss babe power. I’m proud of you 🙂

6. Have an agreement to send clients that clearly defines that contract

Contracts and all of the legal stuff can be scary when first starting your business. In the Laptop Freedom Program, I teach my students how to create an agreement to send to clients that defines their contract. Agreements suffice as a legal contract and make it easier to move forward and start working with your new client! 

7. Define Clear Boundaries

Let your clients know your workdays and hours, the best way to contact you (i.e. NOT your personal phone number!), and be sure not to reply to messages or emails outside of those boundaries — consistency is key.⁣

Luckily, these are all very fun to learn and make you feel like

a bad-ass boss babe!

When you know how to run your business, you really start to feel that you’re working for yourself.

Want guidance and coaching to help you get started?

Apply for the Laptop Freedom Program.

This program is designed specifically for YOU if you’re a brand new virtual assistant and don’t have any clients yet, or if you’ve been a VA for a few months and want to improve your craft and add more tools to your toolbox.

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Virtual Assistant Client 

So you’ve read all the blogs, half-way started building your website, created a FB biz page… and you still don’t have any clients.

Download this free guide for PRACTICAL advice on getting your first client ASAP (without the headache and confusion of trying to do 50 new things at once). Your first client could be just around the corner! 

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Download this free guide for PRACTICAL advice on getting your first client ASAP (without the headache and confusion of trying to do 50 new things at once). 

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