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I Brew My Own Beer

Besides being my own boss, I brew my own beer.

And I don’t mean that is some hidden, metaphorical, I’m-trying-to-sell-you-something, kind of way.

I actually brew my own beer… in my bedroom.

And I LOVE it!

I love choosing the hops and picking the grains to create the yummiest blend of flavors! 

I love boiling up my big witches cauldron, mashing, stirring, and mixing it all together …and it boiling over and causing my whole house to smell like a hamster cage! 

I love sneaking to the local Westin, pretending to be a hotel guest just so I can fill a garbage bag full of ice from their machine and run out!

I love pouring the beer into my fermenter and sloshing around the yeast I undoubtedly forgot to keep in the fridge!

I love getting weirded out by the bubbling and gurgling next to my bed as my beer creates CO2 while I’m trying to sleep!

I love the extremely messy task of removing the “trub” and flushing it down the toilet #classy …which I’m convinced is the main ingredient in Vegemite!

I love losing track of fermentation time and guessing whether it’s been two weeks since I started! 

I love pretending I know how to read an alcohol hydrometer while my partner looks over my shoulder (who cares! It’s alcohol)! 

I love calling up all my friends to tell them to drop off all their used beer bottles so I can reuse them for mine! 

I love filling my bathtub with sanitizing solution and cleaning each and every one.

I love the slooooow process of bottling the beer and taking over the entire dining room table to do it. 

I love waiting yet another 2 weeks as I wait for my beer to carbonate so it’ll finally be ready to drink.

But what I love the most…

… is cracking open that first beer, having no idea if it’s going to be good or not, and honestly not giving a damn either way.

Follow more of my journey on Instagram!

I post a lot about making and drinking beer! Whether I’m having a beer with work, drinking one in the gondola on the ski hill, or brewing my own, I share it all on Instagram (I even have a highlight just for beer) —  go check it out and send me a DM to say hi! 

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