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Meet Alexis! A Laptop Freedom Program Student!

Today we are chatting with a Laptop Freedom Program student, Alexis Mink to chat about her journey, what inspired her to be a VA, and so much more!

Alexis enrolled in the January 2021 cohort of the Laptop Freedom Program while still working a 9-5 she loved. However, her dream to move to Costa Rica with her hubby was stronger. She started her Virtual Assistant business and had EIGHT clients only 3 months into the Laptop Freedom Program!


Q: Let’s start with the BIG question: Why did you want to start a Virtual Assistant business?

A: Because nothing irritates me more than the concept of vacation days that have to be approved by another adult!!! In all seriousness, I’ve always wanted location freedom. I just thought you had to be rich to do so. In 2020, I heard a quote that inspired me. It said: “If you’re not taking your skills digital in 2020, you’re missing out on a million-dollar opportunity.” I took it straight to the heart. I was currently an assistant, so I started researching to be a VA right then!

Q: What kind of “9-5” job do you have and has it helped with your VA biz?

A: Well, I have been an administrative assistant to C-suite execs for about 5 years. I worked as a student worker in the HR office at my college, and the main office in high school. Admin tasks are things that come so naturally to me. I LOVE supporting people and making their days easier. I used to hate on myself for that and say I was just a people pleaser, but I think I actually love being an assistant.

Q: Is your goal to be a full-time VA or have a VA side-hustle? Why?

A: YES! Well, I would like multiple streams of income to support my lifestyle. My husband and I are travelers. My VA goals are definitely the sole of my earnings at this point and I want to keep it that way! I can still get paid while traveling all over, and not worry about my time dwindling.

Q: How did you discover the Laptop Freedom Program?

A: THE one. THE only. AMANDA FRANCES. What more powerful way to discover the most life-changing program? Lol. Rebecca and I follow a life coach/author named Amanda. She has really inspired my life for the past 18 months. I was really on a soul-search when I came across the idea of becoming a VA. It wasn’t long after I began researching that Amanda shared Rebecca’s profile! I knew from the moment I saw Rebecca’s page, I had to see what she was all about.

Q: What inspired you to enroll in the program?

A: The community!!!!!!! It started as, “You know, there are regular job opportunities in the alumni program. It’ll pay for itself.” Then I learned about how incredible the bond is among the alumni and I had to be a part of that frequency. I’ve since learned the benefit of the skills trainings we never learn access to and all the jobopps that come through the alumni page.

Q: What is your favorite part of the Laptop Freedom Program so far?

A: The women – no question. Even ones who aren’t as serious about this endeavor as I am, they’ve become such good friends and staples in my day.

Q: What made you choose the Laptop Freedom Program over other VA programs?

A: Rebecca poured into me the moment we first spoke. Her advice made me feel peace. I felt so much more sure of myself and my path after talking with her.

Q: Starting a VA business can feel scary, what helps you keep going?

A: I’ve done a LOT of inner work to help with my self-esteem and confidence. I am huge into energetic work. When I start to feel down or scared, I have to align my energy with feeling worthy.

Q: What has been the most challenging part of starting your VA biz?

A: For me, I have struggled with keeping myself organized. I can keep my clients organized but struggle doing that for myself. I still need to be more consistent about building my skills intentionally on my own time.

Q: Between your VA biz, your 9-5, and the program, what does a day-in-the-life look like for you?

A: Well, I’ve recently quit my job!!! So it’s about to start looking very different! I wish I could say I’m rocking some routine, but it’s a struggle. I am getting better every day but mostly I’m just trying to accomplish all the things on my list as quickly as I can so I can hopefully be done when my husband gets home from work lol.

Q: What are your future plans for your Virtual Assistant business?

A: I would like to eventually have 5-10 VAs below me as I pursue other ventures like real estate and a few other dreams. Before that, though, I’d like to become really clear on who I support best and what type of tasks I love most. It’s been a massive variety at this point so fingers crossed that day comes!

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