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Work from home!


 You are SO ready to work from home and never step foot in an office again!

You dream of waking up, starting your day with a beautiful morning routine, and never getting out of your pajamas.

Your commute is only a short walk down the hall to your personal home office. No more traffic, no more spending money on gas, and no more pinchy high heels. Nope, you are working from home — comfy, cozy, and relaxed 🙂

My top 3 tips for working from home:


Have a designated work zone. It helps when we can create physical boundaries between when we are working and when we are relaxing. When you are working from the couch and then later on want to watch a movie, it can be hard to turn your work brain off


Educate others in the house about your job. Whether you live with roommates or you have kids running around. Let them know the difference between when you are working and when you are not working to avoid distractions


Leave the house! Whether that is going for a walk or putting on nicer clothes to run errands, it’s important that you don’t forget to stretch your legs outside the home office.

Hi, I'm Rebecca : )

I’m a fun and totally bad-ass Virtual Assistant Coach for women who know they are meant to work for themselves 🙂 

What's A Virtual Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant is a remote contractor who provides online services and support for entrepreneurs and/or small business owners. Also referred to as a VA, virtual assistants can work from anywhere in the world, and as contractors, they set their own schedule and choose how many clients they want. 

I teach women important VA skills, how to start their VA business, and how to find clients so they can start to work for themselves from anywhere their hearts desire.

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