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Location Independent


You have what it takes to be a totally location independent freelancer!

Whether you are on a permanent roadtrip in a converted van or set up like a boss in the coolest home office, all you need is your laptop and a glass of rose to get to work! 

You don’t necessarily haaaaate your boss, and your co-workers are alright, buuuuut if you had the chance to say, “adios” and never step foot in that office again, you’d never look back! 

Because you love to travel AND you love to be home… it’s the restriction of schedule and limited PTO that holds you back! If working for yourself as a remote contractor can give you the freedom and flexibility to go or stay as you please than you’re in!

…and the best part is:


You don’t have to be a web developer with a degree in coding and computer design


You don’t have to join an MLM and start selling products to your friends


You don’t have to start a blog, youtube channel, or become Instafamous

You can be a Virtual Assistant!

Hi, I'm Rebecca : )

I’m a fun and totally bad-ass Virtual Assistant Coach for women who know they are meant to work for themselves 🙂 

What's A Virtual Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant is a remote contractor who provides online services and support for entrepreneurs and/or small business owners. Also referred to as a VA, virtual assistants can work from anywhere in the world, and as contractors, they set their own schedule and choose how many clients they want. 

I teach women important VA skills, how to start their VA business, and how to find clients so they can start to work for themselves from anywhere their hearts desire.

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