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You love dressing up, heading into the office, and interacting with your co-workers in person.

You need real life connection, virtual meetings don’t do it for you, and you’re hooked on the buzz and energy of the office! In fact, that corner office has your name written all over it!

The best parts of being an employee are the benefits, 401k, and the paid time off!

Not to mention the excitement of climbing up the company hierarchy! You thrive with structure, routine, and being on the floor. You have thought of working from home, but you know you’ll miss the office and would rather travel on vacation. The office life is for you.

Hi, I'm Rebecca : )

I’m a fun and totally bad-ass Virtual Assistant Coach for women who know they are meant to work for themselves 🙂 

What's A Virtual Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant is a remote contractor who provides online services and support for entrepreneurs and/or small business owners. Also referred to as a VA, virtual assistants can work from anywhere in the world, and as contractors, they set their own schedule and choose how many clients they want. 

I teach women important VA skills, how to start their VA business, and how to find clients so they can start to work for themselves from anywhere their hearts desire.

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