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Digital Nomad!

Woohoo, Digital Nomad!!

You have what it takes to pack up your laptop and start traveling the world!

Whether you are sipping a martini at the airport lounge or a mai thai at the tiki bar, all you need is good WiFi and a destination! You are READY to leave the stuffy confines of your office job and go full freelancer! 

Deep down inside, you have always known that you were meant to work for yourself and every day you dream of earning a living from tropical beaches, magical mountains, and wild jungles! 

You only live once, right! 

Here are my top 3 tips for traveling and working as a Digital Nomad:


Let your client know in advance and discuss rescheduling any meetings due to different time zones!


Figure out wifi before you get there: cafes, hotspot, wifi hubs!


Give yourself extra time to travel so that you don’t feel rushed. Bonus!!

Hi, I'm Rebecca : )

I’m a fun and totally bad-ass Virtual Assistant Coach for women who know they are meant to work for themselves 🙂 

What's A Virtual Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant is a remote contractor who provides online services and support for entrepreneurs and/or small business owners. Also referred to as a VA, virtual assistants can work from anywhere in the world, and as contractors, they set their own schedule and choose how many clients they want. 

I teach women important VA skills, how to start their VA business, and how to find clients so they can start to work for themselves from anywhere their hearts desire.

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