Laptop Freedom


Create Laptop Freedom as a Virtual Assistant!

Work from home, build a family-friendly schedule, and contribute income to the household!

As a Virtual Assistant you can work from home while raising your family!

… and we are going to show you exactly how in this course

A LOT of moms normally fall into one of two categories:

    • You are a stay-at-home mama raising a beautiful family BUT you wish to contribute to the family income. 

    • You are a mama who works away from home but you want more than anything to be available to your family without sacrificing income.

We don’t think moms should have to choose!

That is why we created this Laptop Freedom Program… 


But hold on… what is a Virtual Assistant?? 
VAs (for short) are remote contractors who help clients with business in: 

        • Admin
        • Tech 
        • Design and
        • Marketing! 

And here’s the best part…

Because you work for yourself as a remote contractor, you set your hours, rate, location, and choose your clients! 

Hellooo, Family Freedom 😀 

Watch Our Video!

Close your eyes and imagine…

being available for your kids every day, never missing a milestone… and showing your family you can chase your dreams and be a bad-ass MOM-preneur!

… the step-by-step course for starting your VA biz

Hi, Rebecca here!

I run the wildly successful Laptop Freedom Program, which empowers women to build a Virtual Assistant biz that unleashes their freedom!

Awesome right?! 

One of my amazing graduates, Kaelee, has mastered being a VA Mom-preneur – harmonizing raising her family and being a Virtual Assistant from home. 

She reached out to me and said, 

“Rebecca, we need to support MORE moms in becoming Virtual Assistants.”

Thus was born… Laptop Freedom MOMS –

A VA course for moms only! …(how did this become a birth story?!)

    • Step-by-step modules on how to start your VA biz, find clients, and the skills you need to get started!
    • A private community with the other moms for accountability and motivation!
    • TWO mentors with LIVE coaching sessions & replays!
    • Learn how to create successful family and client boundaries!
    • Tips on balancing working from home with your family AND being your own boss!
    • Pace yourself so you can balance building a biz with your busy family schedule!
    • Condensed content so you can be most effective with your time!
    • Payment plan investment option

Start your VA biz!

You CAN do it all! Join us and build your Virtual Assistant business while raising your family and working from where the heart is!

What's inside?



You’ll get clear of your WHY for wanting to become a virtual assistant so you can keep your momentum HIGH throughout the next 4 months.

Element: 1

Business & Mindset 101

We’ll go over taxes, income tracking, best ways to get paid, and more—all the unsexy logistical stuff of running your biz!

Element: 2

Virtual Assistant 101

You’ll discover the main areas a virtual assistant can help support entrepreneurs, and choose one or two that you want to focus on, PLUS dive into some must-have online tools.

Element: 3

How To Find Clients

You’ll get my secret sauce for finding UNICORN clients (aka not just doing database entry for some corporate company—yuck!). PLUS, we’ll give you TEMPLATES for applying + interviewing 🙂

Element: 4

New Client Setup

You’ll get a template for a successful client Kick Off Call so you can start the relationship off on the right foot! We’ll show you how to create boundaries, set expectations, and set up your new client relationship to be LONG-TERM.

Element: 5

Skills Training

  • General Admin
  • Design
  • Social Media Management
  • Email Marketing
  • Website Management

Mom Bonus!

Virtual Assisting and Motherhood

You will have access to trainings specific to balancing your VA work and motherhood. These trainings include getting your family onboard with your new career venture, creating a well balanced schedule, and many other ways to slay being a Mompreneur!

The Laptop Freedom Moms

But can YOU be a Virtual Assistant?

… let me guess, you think you don’t have enough tech skills

This program is for you if…

  • You are confident in your ability to LEARN and figure anything out
  • You have experience in any of the following:
    • Office Admin
    • Life Admin
    • Design
    • Marketing
    • Social Media
    • Event Organization
    • Project Management
    • Executive Assistant
    • Personal Assistant
  • You’re itching to be more than just a SAHM
  • You know what a VA is and does, but you’re BRAND NEW to entrepreneurship and online business
  • You tried Googling and researching how to be a VA but it’s so overwhelming and you feel like you have no idea where to actually START
  • You want to learn the skills that biz owners are actually looking to hire for – no fluff

Then you're ready.

Meet Rebecca!

Rebecca runs the Laptop Freedom Program.

The highest quality training and mentorship program for starting your Virtual Assistant business. She has helped countless women create their biz, find unicorn clients, and transform their lives. Rebecca went from being fired from her high profile job with ZERO tech skills to a full-time VA in less than 3 months. She now travels the world with her laptop and helps other women unlock their freedom through Virtual Assisting!

Meet Kaelee!

Kaelee is a full-time Virtual Assistant and magical mama! 

She is a graduate of the Laptop Freedom Program and now helps other moms meet their entrepreneurial goals. When Kaelee started her family she quickly realized she didn’t want to go back to her corporate 9-5 and leave her son at daycare. She started her Virtual Assistant business to be at home and continue contributing to the household finances. Kaelee has now replaced her corporate income and continues to lead moms who want to do the same.


Open For Enrollment!

Join other VA moms and start building your VA biz!

You have already figured out motherhood

So, you can figure out virtual assisting! 

It’s time to find clients that not only know you have a family, but love that about you! 

Whether your kiddo needs to sit on your lap during a meeting or you need to schedule around nap time, being a VA is about creating a business that harmonizes with your #1 priority – your family!

Being a mom is not something to hide! 

It makes you beautiful and will help you be an awesome VA! 

Let's get started!

Talk with your family about our payment plan or pay-in-full options

Frequently asked questions

Nope! We’ve had LFP babes from the U.S., Canada, Australia, and the U.K.—it truly is an international field 🙂

All of the content is in a membership site, so you will have a password & login for this. And the material is presented in a mixture of videos, screen shares, PDFs, and worksheets!

No qualifications necessary! This course is going to give you the skills and tools to make you more qualified when you’re out there getting clients!

You bet! When you’re first starting out, I suggest having a part-time or full-time job while you build your client base on the side. That way you have full security and don’t come across desperate in your search 😉

If you do have a full-time job, it’s a matter of sitting down, looking at your calendar, and planning time in each day that you can dedicate towards growing your VA biz and doing client work. A little bit of growing pains and short-term discomfort for massive long-term gain 🙂

The more time you put in, the more you will accomplish! I recommend having ~10-15 hours each week to work through the course material + start searching for your unicorn, soulmate clients!

You will get perspectives from a VA coach PLUS a real VA mamma! We are here to show you the tools you’ll ACTUALLY use as a VA… no fluff & no time wasted on stuff that makes you feel “official”. I’ve been on both sides of the hiring table, and I know what entrepreneurs are actually looking for (aka this isn’t a course filled with fluff, just practical and useful tools). The biggest thing you will LOVE about the Laptop Freedom MOMS is the ability to bounce ideas off of someone who has BEEN WHERE YOU ARE. You get REAL support from coaches (not just a community manager directing you to which lesson will answer your question). Because of this, you will NEVER feel like you’re doing this alone or think to yourself, “Am I doing this right?”

Actually… no 😉 This is an ACTION –BASED program, meaning you get out of it what you put in. And in my experience, if you have an “out” (aka a “hell I’ll half-ass it for 30 days and then if it doesn’t work, I’ll ask for my money back”)… then you’re not going to be ALL IN. You’ll drag your fee. You’ll make excuses. And you won’t fully commit to yourself. So I’m not going to let you do that by providing an exit ramp of a refund policy. You. Can. Do. This. And if you find a slightly different path after you start, it was still catalyzed by this program and this growth. SO LET’S DO THIS.

No problem! Laptop Freedom Moms is a program for mamas only. So, if you are not a mom then you can join the original Laptop Freedom Program designed for women like you!


Investing can be scary so, we are making it easier for you.
Discuss the investment option that will work best for your family.

Payment Plan!


over 5 months

One-Time Payment!


Hey, Mom-preneur!

Show the world you can do both!

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