Laptop Freedom


Learn The Exact Skills You Need To Confidently Start Your VA Business


Do you feel like you’re suffocating in your 9-5 schedule?

Do you know deep down there has to be “another way,” something more, or that you’re meant to be your own boss, but you just don’t know where to start?

You see your parents and family working traditional career paths where they are stuck on a conveyor belt for 30+ years.

You see your friends saving and saving for their ONE vacation a year with the few days they have off work.

You see all of this…

And you hate it.

You can’t stand it.

Honestly, it kinda pisses you off.

I’m here to tell you—there IS another way.


Waking up whenever you want. No panic because you’re running late. No sprinting to the shower. No skipping breakfast.

Instead, you feel rested, grounded, and excited.

Depending on the weather and where you are in the world, you go out exploring, or drive to yoga class instead.

When you get home, you sit down at your desk to begin client work. It’s 10am.

Today, you’ve got a few projects to work on, but tomorrow you promised your mom you’d take her to lunch for her birthday—even though it’s a Wednesday afternoon.

It feels so nice to spend that time with her, not worrying about PTO, falling behind at work, or trying to fit in the lunch on a busy weekend.

As you dive into your client work for the day, you feel excited.

You feel like you’re making a difference.

You feel alive.

You wrap up your work for the day, meet up with friends, and start planning your next trip! 

No longer restricted by vacation days, you start looking for flights to Bali… Spain… Australia. You’ll be making money while you are there so you look for Air BnBs for one month… two… half a year.

You shake your head…

Wow, you can’t believe that only a few months ago you were miserable commuting to a job you hated and you had the courage to make a change.

You’re proud of the VA business you built and being able to support yourself doing something you actually love.


Hi, I'm Rebecca : )

Your gateway to life outside of the 9-5.

When I first started as a VA in 2018, I felt like a fish out of water. (Even though I had Executive Assistant experience!)

But I signed up a few clients and learned as I went.

And there’s ONE thing that put me on the fast-track to success… mentorship.

Now I’m dedicated to helping millennial women navigate this new adventure so you can create room for more travel, more income, and more fun in your life.

Which is why I lead the Laptop Freedom Program…

The Laptop Freedom Program

This program is designed specifically for YOU if you’re a brand new virtual assistant and don’t have any clients yet, or if you’ve been a VA for a few months and want to improve your craft and add more tools to your toolbox.

The Laptop Freedom Program will give you the confidence you need to go out and start TAKING ACTION toward finding clients.

Because sure, the more tools you have in your toolbox, the easier it will be to find magical unicorn clients who you absolutely LOVE working with…


You probably have more skills to start RIGHT NOW than you realize 😉

If you have any of the following on your resume: Email Management, Customer Service, Social Media Management, Basic Graphic Design, Event Planning, Office Admin, Personal Assistant, Travel Planning, etc…

Then you're ready.

About the Laptop Freedom Program

In LFP, you’ll dive into the 5 ELEMENTS OF building a successful VA business:


Online Biz 101: Taxes, LLCs, Getting Paid, & more


VA Setup 101: Packages, Pricing, VA Profile, & more


How To Find Clients: DUH bc that’s why we’re doing this right? 😉


New Client Setup: So you & your unicorn clients can be BFFs from Day 1


Online Skills/Tools Training: Platforms in Admin, Design, Social Media, Tech, & more

The Laptop Freedom Program is a HOLISTIC program… meaning we’re not just going to give you 1 piece of the puzzle and leave you to figure out the rest on your own.

After you complete the Laptop Freedom Program, you’ll either have your first client, or you’ll know EXACTLY what to do to go out there and find your unicorn, soulmate clients 🙂

Why LFP is Different?

1:1 Coaching!

Lots of courses include coaching calls, but what does that look like? In the Laptop Freedom Program, you are not just a number! We have a small class cap with one-on-one mentorship and weekly coaching calls. Every day you receive mentorship, are pushed to remain accountable, and are supported through the ups and down with undivided, one-on-one attention. Ask yourself if you want unique-to-you mentorship.

We Run Cohorts!

Running a program in cohorts means all the ladies in the program start their journey on the same day. This is NOT a self-paced program and you are not left to build your biz alone! As a cohort, you and the other ladies will create a collective momentum and support system to keep each other accountable. Plus they will become your first online friends and sisterhood! Ask yourself whether you want to go at this alone or not.

It Is 4-months (Opposed To 90 Days)!

Building a Virtual Assistant business PROPERLY cannot happen overnight. This journey takes time and depends on how busy you are! The Laptop Freedom Program gives you every step you need to start your VA business and we are not here to rush you through. Four months have proven to be the perfect amount of time to launch your biz and continue on your own! Ask yourself if you can afford to be rushed into this dream.

You build your biz during the program! 

Many women take other programs and only after they have gone through all the content do they start to actually implement, build, and find clients. In the Laptop Freedom Program you build your VA biz while you are in the program and have an experienced mentor by your side coaching you while you are finding and working with clients! Ask yourself if having a mentor at your side during the hard parts is important. 

Our Intimate Student To Mentor Ratio!

There is no shortage of mentorship in the Laptop Freedom Program! We are here to get to know you as an individual and help you build the unique business that is perfect for you! Our limited class cap means each student receives high-touch mentorship! Ask yourself how many other students you want in your program.

You Are With Fellow Up-Leveling Women!

The Laptop Freedom Program is BY APPLICATION. We take curating the perfect cohort very seriously. This program is for confident women who believe in self-development and learning, who know they are capable entrepreneurs and are excited to be surrounded by like-minded women who inspire them. Ask yourself if this is your vibe and tribe.

Our Ongoing Alumni Community!

Just because you have started your VA biz doesn’t mean you are done learning! The Laptop Freedom Alumni Community is an ongoing sisterhood for all the women who have completed the program! We offer additional training, support, and mentorship, all included, as you continue to grow and explore your biz! Ask yourself if ongoing support and sisterhood are important to you and your dreams. 

Are you ready?

What's inside?



You’ll get clear of your WHY for wanting to become a virtual assistant so you can keep your momentum HIGH throughout the next 4 months.

Element: 1

Business & Mindset 101

We’ll go over taxes, expenses, business registration, best ways to get paid, and more—all the unsexy logistical stuff of running your biz!

Element: 2

Virtual Assistant 101

It’s getting real! Create the perfect VA profile, set your prices, and determine your packages! Plus learn the essential tools to balance multiple clients!

Element: 3

How To Find Clients

You’ll get my secret sauce for finding UNICORN clients (aka not just doing database entry for some corporate company—yuck!). PLUS, we’ll give you TEMPLATES for applying + interviewing 🙂

Element: 4

New Client Setup

You’ll get professional questions and scripts to run a successful client kick-off call! Plus, we’ll show you how to create an agreement for your biz, build boundaries, and set up your new contract to be LONG-TERM.

Element: 5

Skills Training

  • General Admin
  • Design
  • Social Media Management
  • Email Marketing
  • Website Management

Bonus #1

Private Facebook Community

You’ll gain access to the private Facebook support community where you can ask questions, share your wins, and feel the momentum of the amazing women starting the journey alongside you.

Bonus #2

Weekly Group Coaching Calls

You’ll have an opportunity to receive 1:1 coaching on these group calls with your LFP sisters. This is where a LOT of coaching goes down and you can receive DIRECT feedback from me on what’s coming up as you go through the program.

This is perfect for you if...

  • Office admin
  • Graphic design
  • Marketing / digital marketing
  • Social media management
  • Event planning
  • Project management
  • Executive assistant
  • Personal assistant

You know what a VA is and does, but you're BRAND NEW to entrepreneurship and online business

You have experience in any of the following:

  • Office admin
  • Graphic design
  • Marketing / digital marketing
  • Social media management
  • Event planning
  • Project management
  • Executive assistant
  • Personal assistant

You’ve done another course or two and still have no clients

You have always valued coaching (or having a teacher) to reach your goals at an accelerated rate

You have one client but don’t really know what you’re doing or how to find more

You’re itching to work from wherever but just don’t know where to start

You’ve tried Googling and researching in FB groups about being a VA but it’s so overwhelming and you feel like you still have no idea where to actually START

You want to learn the skills that biz owners are actually looking to hire for—no fluff or extra “fancy” tools just because it feels cool

You are READY to feel qualified, confident, and prepared to work from wherever and travel the world

This is NOT for you if...

You're bad with computers

You don’t currently have 10-15 hrs/week to start building your VA biz on the side

You want to make passive income

You’re not willing to follow advice from those who have done this before in order to really put yourself out there in a BIG way

You’re not willing to sacrifice some of your free time to bring this dream to life

You’re desperate for money RIGHT NOW… being a VA takes time to build up your client base and have a steady flow of income

You don’t have a laptop/computer or reliable WiFi

You want to do this alone and for free

Investment Options


Only $375 a month! 


Only $575 a month! 


$2997 just once!

Click to read 20 more pages of student wins and reviews! 

Frequently asked questions

Nope! We’ve had LFP babes from the U.S., Canada, Australia, and the U.K.—it truly is an international field 🙂

All of the content is in a membership site, so you will have a password & login for this. And the material is presented in a mixture of videos, screen shares, PDFs, and worksheets!

No qualifications necessary! This course is going to give you the skills and tools to make you more qualified when you’re out there getting clients!

You bet! When you’re first starting out, I suggest having a part-time or full-time job while you build your client base on the side. That way you have full security and don’t come across desperate in your search 😉

If you do have a full-time job, it’s a matter of sitting down, looking at your calendar, and planning time in each day that you can dedicate towards growing your VA biz and doing client work. A little bit of growing pains and short-term discomfort for massive long-term gain 🙂

I recommend having ~10-15 hours each week to work through the course material + start searching for your unicorn, soulmate clients!

Nope! Although we have a suggested schedule for you to follow, this is a self-paced course, so you can make it fit around YOUR schedule (the whole idea of being a VA right? ;)).

The Laptop Freedom Program is a HOLISTIC program… meaning we’re not just going to give you 1 piece of the puzzle and leave you to figure out the rest on your own. After you complete LFP, you’ll either have your first client, or you’ll know EXACTLY what to do to go out there and find your unicorn, soulmate clients 🙂

I’m here to show you the tools you’ll ACTUALLY use as a VA… no fluff & no time wasted on stuff that makes you feel “official.” I’ve been on both sides of the hiring table, and I know what entrepreneurs are actually looking for (aka this isn’t a course filled with fluff, just practical and useful tools).

The biggest thing you will LOVE about the Laptop Freedom Program is the ability to bounce ideas off of someone who has BEEN WHERE YOU ARE. You get REAL support from LFP coaches (not just a community manager directing you to which lesson will answer your question). Because of this, you will NEVER feel like you’re doing this alone or think to yourself “Am I doing this right?”

Yes! It will come out on the same day you enroll (ex: If you enroll on March 15th, your next payment will come out on April 15th, and so on).

Actually… no 😉 This is an ACTION-BASED program, meaning you get out of it what you put in. And in my experience, if you have an “out” (aka a “well I’ll half-ass it for 30 days and then if it doesn’t work, I’ll ask for my money back”)… then you’re not going to be ALL IN. You’ll drag your feet. You’ll make excuses. And you won’t fully commit to yourself. So I’m not going to let you do that by providing an exit ramp of a refund policy. You. Can. Do. This. And if you find a slightly different path after you start, it was still catalyzed by this program and this growth. SO LET’S DO THIS.

More Questions?