Create Laptop Freedom

Hi there, I’m Rebecca!

Entrepreneur & VA Coach

Before starting as a virtual assistant, I was working 12-hour days in the film industry, spending my weekends doing chores, and dreaming about when I would finally have time off to go traveling.

I looked ahead thirty years and saw all the countries I hadn’t traveled to, all the mornings I slept through, and all the friendships I wasn’t able to maintain.

Instead, I was sit at my desk, assisting the biggest Executive Producer in town, with this deep knowing that life didn’t need to be like this.

I knew it was possible to work and travel,

I knew I could choose my income, and

I knew I could be in control of my own schedule.

I packed my laptop, booked a ticket to Ireland, and within 2 months of working with a coach I had my first paying client!

While traveling!

I was terrified to take the leap. To leave the safety of my office job with no idea how to even build a website.

But that deep knowing that I could do it was all I needed to make it happen.

Now, I have a full-time VA business, AND I teach others how to become virtual assistants so they can create more freedom in their lives and work from wherever they want, just like me 🙂