How To Track Your Revenue And Expenses As 

A Freelance Business

To Make Sure You’re Growing & Making Money

Learn How To Track revenue from multiple clients, plus how to Categorize all your operating expenses for tax purposes.

for free!

I’m giving you the EXACT tool and process I use to track my business to six-figures.

It is paramount that you are tracking all the revenue that is coming into your freelance business, as well as the operating expenses going out. 

Download my financial tracking sheet and watch the training video to get on top of your business money now! 

Rebecca Mason

Entrepreneur & Freelance Business Coach

When I first started as a freelancer in 2018, I felt like a fish out of water. (Even though I had done this same work in the corporate world!)

But I dove in head first, got myself a coach, signed up a few clients, and learned as I went.

And there’s ONE thing that put me on the fast-track to success… mentorship.

Now I’m dedicated to helping millennial women navigate this new adventure so you can create room for more travel, more income, and more FUN in your life.


Financial Tracking


Download this free guide and watch the how-to video to start tracking revenue from multiple clients, your freelance operating expenses, and write-offs for tax time!

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