Freelance Business

You’ve probably heard of the perks of FREELANCE WORK.

Things like…

  • More financial freedom!
  • Travelling while you make a living!
  • Working from the beach with a drink in your hand!
  • Living life on YOUR terms + loving what you do!

You LOVE the sound of all of this.

You KNOW all the amazing opportunities that working for yourself as a freelancer can create.

You WANT to be living this lifestyle.

…But you’re still stuck in your unfulfilling 9-5 

Let me ask

what’s the reason you haven’t started your freelance business yet?

It sounds too hard? You’re overwhelmed? Don’t know where the heck to start?

I get it! A website, Facebook page, ads, a logo, branding — it’s A LOT, right?

I want to let you in on a little secret…

What you *think* you need + what you *actually* need are probably two very different things 😉

If you’re not so secretly wishing you could start your freelance biz today but have NO IDEA how, I’m here to end your paralysis by analysis!

This kickass training is for you if…

You’ve been dreaming about working for yourself as a freelancer

You know your way around a computer + have a few skillsets

You’re ready to start making BIG changes + create the dream life you deserve

In this FREE training, I’ll be sharing all the ‘must-haves’ for your new freelance biz to help you get started sooner than you thought possible + ditch the unnecessary distractions!

You’ll discover:

1. How to finally get your freelance biz started without having to create a website or bug all your friends & family for “opportunities”

2. The best way to price & package yourself so it becomes an easy “Yes” for new clients

3. Why you don’t need to “niche down” as fast as you probably are thinking—and what to do instead!

4. The #1 secret to starting a freelance biz that most people aren’t talking about (you’ll never guess it!)

If you’re ready to ditch your excuses for actionable steps that you can implement TODAY, drop your details in the form below to sign up + get access to the FREE training.

Hi, I'm Rebecca

Entrepreneur & Virtual Assistant Coach

When I first started as a virtual assistant in 2018, I felt like a fish out of water. (Even though I was an Executive Assistant at the time!)

But I dove in head first, got myself a coach, signed up a few clients, and learned as I went.

And there’s ONE thing that put me on the fast-track to success… mentorship.

Now I’m dedicated to helping millennial women navigate this new adventure so you can create room for more travel, more income, and more FUN in your life.


Freelance Biz


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