First, let's tackle the
"business-y" stuff

During this MULTI-week, group program I will teach you:

1. Banking for your business!

2. Taxes & registration!

3. Invoicing & collecting payment! 

4. Time reporting!

5. Contracts & agreements! 

6. PLUS, what it means to have international clients & foreign currencies!

Basically all the stuff that is scary and overwhelming 😉 

April 7 – April 30

Don’t skip this step!

… when I was thinking of starting my VA biz, this was the stuff I felt the most confused about.

I knew I could offer Virtual Assistant services, but I had no idea how to start an online business! 

This is for:

  1. Women who want to start a VA business!

  2. Women who want to start any online freelance business (graphic designer, web coder, social media manager, etc.)!

  3. Women who already started, but skipped this crucial step! 

I know you’re nervous…

I was too! 

Like me, you may be the only person in your friends and family who actually wants to quit your 9-5 and start working remotely online. 

Most people dream about it, but few actually do it.

When you join EMERGE, you will be joining a community of other women who are as brave as you! 

You will make friends, feel wildly supported, and have motivation from your community!

This is not self-paced…

Cuz, ew. 

Together we will take ACTION! 

• Private Facebook group!

• Training lives and replays! 

• Group coaching calls on zoom!

• Daily coaching and Q&As! 

• Life-time access to re-watch it all!