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I’m well on my way to the remote life I’ve always dreamed of!

The Laptop Freedom Program has helped not only build my skill set, but also my mindset. Before I was afraid, thinking that the timing had to be perfect, that I had to know everything and be an expert before taking that leap — but the coaches showed me that taking the leap was the first step to my journey. Using the skill set I already had working in my 9-5, they helped to tailor my profile to find the perfect unicorn clients. Not only did I make my money back from the program, but I’m also well on my way to the remote life I’ve always dreamed of!

Maggie Bosca

virtual assistant

I found the Wanderlust VA at the PERFECT time!

I was getting ready to leave my life in California and travel for a year. I was totally freaking out and found myself sitting there and thinking "finding work literally going to be impossible!" I looked at teaching, which I did not want to do, transcribing which seemed to pay nothing, and on job sites that only spammed my inbox.

Before finding LFP I had no idea what a VA even was! I had no concept of creating my own income with the simple skills I already had and the idea of anything tech was so foreign to me. I've learned so much and I know I'll continue to learn more. I'm doing things that I would have told you were impossible 6 months ago, I've built friendships and just purely grown as a person. There's a sisterhood here that I can't explain.

Now, I consider myself a wanderlust LFP chick! I work on planes, in airports, different timezones and most recently on a beach in Bali! I have two clients that are a perfect fit for me, and I feel great about contributing to our travel fund every week! I cant wait to see what's next!

Brittany Afghani

virtual assistant

I feel so empowered to keep making huge strides and positive changes in my life.

Before joining the Wanderlust VA program, I wanted so desperately to change my life but didn't know how. I felt stuck. Not only did I get my first 3 clients in the group and start the process of becoming an entrepreneur (which I've ALWAYS dreamed of), but also on a much deeper level the coaches helped me change my mindset and self image, which is something I will always carry with me moving forward. Now I know that I am capable of anything and I feel so empowered to keep making huge strides and positive changes in my life.

Madeline Adamson

virtual assistant & designer

Mentally and physically I’m more happy and healthy 🙂

I always wanted to work from home and have the freedom daily! I had an no idea of where to start... I just had a big dream and then luckily I found the Wanderlust VA Babes 💕☺️ After binge watching all the videos from past LFP babes, I knew I had to join and have the support to follow through with my dreams and make it a reality!

I made the most amazing decision that day joining the Wanderlust program... 4 months later I’m in a complete different space! Mentally and physically I’m more happy and healthy 🙂 I also learned everything to land my first client (many more to come) and take control back of my life!

Danielle Pender

virtual assistant

I am a full time VA making more than I made as a full time teacher!

Like most people, I had a lot of doubts and fears about committing to a Wanderlust VA program and spending money I wasn't sure that I would ever "get back". I spent a year thinking about it while I was working a job that was stressful, draining, and soul sucking. In 2019 I decided to pursue my dream and believe in my ability to show up for myself and make things happen.

This was exactly what I needed - tools, support, self-paced training, and the confidence boost I needed to put myself out into the world and start getting clients. Because of LFP I charged rates I can live off of (and am a full time VA making more than I made as a full time teacher!), secured clients I would have considered "out of my league", and completely changed the trajectory of my life. The Wanderlust VA Babes are amazing and their support was so instrumental in my journey!

Hannah Hassler

virtual assistant & content creator

They believed in me when I didn’t always believe in myself.

The Wanderlust VA Babes helped me to believe in myself and to unwrap my full potential. From the very beginning, they would call out my strengths and tell me about what an asset I could be to someone. They believed in me when I didn’t always believe in myself. I would not be where I am today with my business if it wasn’t for the mentorship inside the programs.

Kathryn Novak

virtual assistant

The Wanderlust VA Babes helped me create the live that I always wanted. They helped me become the person that I always wanted to be. I am a strong, capable boss babe working from home 🙌

Carly Merryweather

virtual assistant

Taking the leap and trusting the Wanderlust VA Babes was the best thing I did so far! I know now that what I always dreamed of is real and possible, and I can reach it, become it and live it thanks to my coaches. I've learned so much from them, they guided me all the way through the program and I am eternally grateful! I would recommend the Laptop Freedom Program to everyone!

Dea Banic

virtual assistant

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