5 Tips for Traveling and Working As an Online Service Provider

Have you dreamt of becoming a Digital Nomad, but don’t feel you have the tech skills to work online?

Have you tried making a travel blog or tried becoming an influencer to free you from the cages of an office job? 

Have you settled to believe that traveling while working is only for the rich and beautiful?

As an Online Service Provider, you can work remotely from anywhere in the world helping businesses with a variety of services in admin, tech, design, marketing, and MORE.


And guess what!?

You don’t need a website or logo to get started!

You don’t need a degree in computer science!

You don’t need to work for an MLM and feel like part of a scheme! 

You don’t need 100k followers!

You can work while traveling as a Digital Nomad with your Online Service Provider business!!
Once you set up your business and find your dream clients, it is time to pack your bags and never look back!

Here are my top 5 Digital Nomad tips for traveling the world while working!

👯 Tip #1

Let your client know in advance and discuss rescheduling any meetings due to different time zones!

Give your clients LOTS of notice and outline projects and meetings so you can assure them that even though you may be halfway across the world, they will experience very little disruption.

⚡️ Tip #2

Figure out WiFi before you get there: cafes, hotspot, wifi hubs! 

It is VERY important to research the best way to get WiFi ON YOUR PERSON when traveling. You don’t want to rely on or be restricted by the WiFi in your hotel or a cafe. Find out how to get WiFI all the time by either renting a WiFi pocket hub or swapping out your SIM card to hotspot. This way you can always be reached by your clients and you can make use of downtime here and there to get work done.

☕️ Tip #3

Go alone or set clear boundaries with your travel companions!

You may be traveling with people who are in FULL HOLIDAY MODE. Get up early, go alone to a coffee shop, determine meet-up spots… whatever you have to do so that you don’t feel FOMO or guilty when you need to get some hours of work done. You are making money while traveling remember. 😉

🎒 Tip #4

Make your mobile office easy to carry!

Find a good backpack that is comfortable for you to carry your laptop in so you are free to work from wherever, whenever. Keep zip ties for all your chords. Don’t forget a power bank so you never run out of battery!

📆 Tip #5

Give yourself extra time to travel so that you don’t feel rushed. Bonus!!

Instead of going somewhere for only a week and trying to see all the sites, go traveling for a month or more! Give yourself lots of time so you can take full days to get some work done and it won’t disrupt you seeing everything you’d like to see

Your dream life is waiting

Being an Online Service Provider allows me to make money while traveling the world.

My remote work pays for my travel expenses, allows me to stay in places for longer periods of time, and I get to meet other online freelancers along the way!

The best part is, I’m not the only one!


Meet Ashley!

Ashley had been working in sales at her local gym for the past 2 years.

Every day was the same—same music, same customers, same shift times, same uniform, same feeling of “What the HECK am I doing here?!”

It wasn’t until she used up her all of her vacation days for the year (5 to be exact!) on a solo trip to Iceland that it really sunk in for her…This life she was living was really no life at all.

She started her Virtual Assistant business, sold her apartment, and embarked on a trip through Europe, 100 days, and counting!

Meet Carly!

Carly and her fiance, Chad both left their draining 9-5 jobs to work from home together as Virtual Assistants.

Not only are they totally #CoupleGoals, but they are biz partners too!

Since becoming complete digital nomads, Carly and Chad have bought a van and are currently traveling the continent on the road.


If you are ready to say good-bye to the constraints of vacation days or you are frustrated with short, expensive trips, it is time to know that there is another way!

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